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April 13, 2023

NIH has a vested interest in receiving proposals from a wide range of investigators, from a wide range of applicant institutions. However, data on funding of research project grants (RPGs) and a recent analysis done by CSR on applicant institutions for National Research Service Award (NRSA) fellowship applications indicate some disparities among institutions in terms of funding and application rates. In FY 1985-2020, the top 10% of organizations received approximately 70% of RPG funding (Open Mike, Jan 18, 2022;Lauer and Roychowdhury, 2021). An analysis of NRSA fellowship applications in 2021 found skewed application rates; 15 institutions submitted more than 100 applications, while 106 institutions submitted one or two applications (Final report of the CSR Advisory Council Working Group on Peer Review of NRSA Fellowship Applications).

To assist investigators/institutions that are submitting fewer applications, we’ve developed this resource to help clarify the process, highlighting institution- and investigator-specific information, including key actions that must be taken well in advance of application submission. We hope this makes the process easier for those with relatively less experience submitting NIH grant applications and that it is useful for the broader research community, as well.

We will be sharing this resource through direct email to offices of sponsored research at a wide range of institutions. Please share with others.

An image of the Resources and Programs for NIH Grant Applicants infographic.

An image of the Resources and Programs for NIH Grant Applicants infographic.

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