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CSR 2022-2027 Strategic Plan


September 20, 2022

I am pleased to announce the release of the CSR 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. CSR is entrusted with most of the peer review that enables NIH to support a broad range of biomedical research. Our primary goal, to ensure that peer review identifies the strongest, most promising science, depends upon an evaluation process that is fair, independent, expert, timely and free from inappropriate influences. This plan delineates a forward-looking framework comprising five overarching goals that organize CSR’s current and future initiatives in support of our important mission.

  Goal 1: Maintain scientific review groups that provide appropriate scientific coverage and review settings for all of NIH science.

  Goal 2: Further develop a large cadre of diverse, well-trained, and scientifically qualified experts to serve as reviewers.

  Goal 3: Further develop an outstanding, engaged, and diverse staff.

  Goal 4: Implement changes to the peer review process to make it more fair, effective, and efficient.

  Goal 5: Achieve our mission through transparency, engagement with the scientific community and a data-driven approach to decision-making.

In developing and finalizing the plan, CSR sought and received broad input from the CSR Advisory Council as well as the wider extramural scientific community within and outside the NIH. A total of 275 comments were received on the draft plan, with 262 coming from individuals and 13 from scientific societies. Most of the comments indicated strong alignment with the priorities CSR has developed. Some offered useful differences of opinion and constructive criticism as well as comments that pertain to the implementation of these goals. This input will be valuable as we develop detailed action plans.

Note that Goal 5 of our strategic plan speaks to a decision-making process that includes engagement with the scientific community on the topic of peer review. We, of course, appreciate hearing from those who support our initiatives, but we also value dissent and suggestions for change. The insight we gain through interactions with the broader scientific community help us in our efforts to continually improve the NIH peer review process. You can reach CSR at

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