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Click on the meeting dates to view the meeting rosters. Meeting rosters list all members present, whether permanent or temporary, and provide the total scope of expertise that may be present at the meeting on that date. The most current and two prior rosters are provided when available. Current rosters are posted 30 days before the meeting date and are tentative only, pending any last minute changes. The view roster link on the left shows the membership roster of chartered members only.

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Notice of CSR policy to all applicants: All rosters are provided for information purposes only. Do not communicate directly with study section members about your application. Direct all questions only to the SRO in charge of the study section. Failure to observe this policy strictly will create a serious breach of confidentiality and conflict-of-interest in the peer review process. Likely actions include removal of the investigator's application(s) from immediate review, coupled with delay and deferral of evaluation to a different review group in the following review cycle